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MiD92 IT Solutions stands for innovation and sustainability. We are improving the current situation within the company in order to provide the best possible running, viewed from the perspective of the customer and aimed at a sustainable future.

”Ensuring sustainable IT business operations, that is the goal of MiD92 IT solutions. The ambition is to help companies set up sustainable business operations on the basis of innovative IT solutions. This is achieved by consciously exceeding customer expectations, both during the process and before making a purchase. It already starts with offering discounts for customers who purchase services more often. In addition, MiD92 will be customer-oriented at all times during the process, offer good service and deliver good results.”

Paying in crypto?
The most normal thing in the world at MiD92!

Since the world is increasingly digitizing, MiD92 cannot be left behind. From now on we accept Cardano – ADA, Polygon – MATIC, Bitcoin – BTC and Ethereum – ETH as payment method.



Advice and implementation of current and new projects within IT focused on infrastructure and software implementation with a view to sustainability and efficiency.

Back-up Solutions

A secure, reliable IT environment is of great importance for business continuity. The storage and security of the company data will therefore have to have a solid backup solution.
MiD92 will investigate per customer which form of backup Solutions is required.

System Management

MiD92 always looks at the big picture.
We look at where improvements can still be made.
Usually, the result of making business processes more sustainable is that this is accompanied by a cost reduction for the long term.

Software Solutions

From ERP to Microsoft 365
MiD92 Software Solutions offers companies the space to grow. Within Software Solutions we realize and manage software packages in a wide range.

Examples include:

Microsoft 365
Windows Server
ESET (No. 1 security vendor in Europe)
ERP systems
OCR (optical recognition software)

it solutions


Future ready cybersecurity for SMEs and large companies
Protect everything with strong and reliable security.

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Stand out with a high-profile website. In this competitive and lucrative market where websites have to leave a wow factor, delivering anything less than absolute perfection is a big risk.

- Since 2019 -

Solutions for Everyone

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Ensuring sustainable IT business operations, that is the goal of MiD92 IT Solutions.

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